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Building a new home is a complex process of setting goals, making schedules and achieving time lines.
A project requires constant evaluation and micro tuning. We make solid plans based on detailed research before each phase of construction. We prefer to run a lean crew which enables us to move at a steady, efficient pace, all the while keeping our own two hands on every process.

Build the best. It may sound cliche but it is how we operate. Cutting corners always costs more time and money in the end. We plan ahead and anticipate as many problems as possible; meeting the challenges head on rather than reacting and backtracking. Over the course of our extensive experience we can say without fail that dumbing down the process, or skimping in the wrong places, will always lead to a more expensive home for no good reason.

Building well and with integrity creates homes that add to our environment aesthetically and impact the environment as little as possible. When built well the first time, we use less time, energy, money and natural resources. A solid home should last for generations.

Gabe Shacter is the owner of Mountain Craft. He has a unique passion for building and creating. Gabe has worked in the field of carpentry for over twenty years and specifically in the Tahoe area since 1997. He has worked as a foreman for several high end builders in Tahoe before launching his own business. Gabe╩╝s
meticulous attention to detail and genuine love of the building process allow for one or two projects at a
time. Problem solving is his specialty and Gabe can be found welding his own exterior lights when the perfect ones could not be found or tirelessly researching barn wood siding. He welcomes challenge and strives to create a home that fits the character and lifestyle of each client. When he is not building your home, Gabe can be found mountain biking, snowboarding or chasing his three children around the Tahoe basin.

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